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Donor Stewardship Matters

Make sure your supporters know how important they are to you!

After a busy season of asking donors to give, don’t forget the importance of a well-crafted stewardship piece. Whether you send a postcard or a multi-faceted card, don’t forget to tell your donors “thank you!” Below are just a few examples of how you can steward your donors this season.

Say “Thanks” with a Postcard

A postcard is an economical choice to send a brief thank you message with an attention grabbing image.

Send an Invite to a Fun Event

Whether it’s a free tour of your campus or a golf tournament, events are a great way to connect with donors and an opportunity to thank them in person.

Share a Message of Hope

By sending a “soft ask” you have the opportunity to tell donors how their past gifts have made a difference. You also can share how their continued gifts can keep helping those who need it most.

Celebrate Donors on Birthdays

Let your supporters know that birthdays are a reason to celebrate – and that you can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to thank them for their generosity.

You don’t have to rely on generic email receipts to do the job of stewarding your donors. With AppealMaker, you can send personalized and exciting donor stewardship pieces to all your supporters!

Ready to send direct mail to your donors, but not sure how? Click here to see how easy it can be with AppealMaker! With AppealMaker, you gain access to:

  • Templates that are easy to quickly customize, making the design process so much easier.
  • Turn times of 3 days, from order to out-the-door, so your appeal can be in your donor’s hands in record time.
  • Plus, only pay for the exact amount of pieces you send & pricing always includes postage!

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