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Does direct mail still work? 

Yes! Direct mail still outperforms all other channels!

Why Direct Mail?

It pays.
Direct mail has a better response rate and higher return on investment than email, social media, online display, and paid search.

It gets noticed.
You can feel direct mail, you can fold it, you can even smell it. 77% of consumers sort through and read physical mail immediately. Meanwhile, people are drowning in email.

It’s trustworthy.
Direct mail is more credible to readers. Studies show that 56% of people find print the most trustworthy form of communication.

It’s proven.
Direct mail donors have a higher lifetime value than digital donors. Often, direct mail will promote online engagement and even help drive online gifts.

It’s memorable.
Brand recall is 70% higher when people are exposed to print materials compared to digital. Direct mail is more effective at evoking emotions and actions.

Looking for an easy way to send direct mail? Let us help!

Why AppealMaker?

It’s built for you.
Nonprofits have specific needs. With decades of experience working with nonprofits nation-wide, we know what works.

It’s easy.
No contracts and no minimums, you only pay for what you send. Everything is included at one easy price, even postage!

It’s fast.
Three day turn times. From the moment you click “place order,” your pieces can be on the way to mailboxes in as few as 3 days!

Ready to start sending direct mail the easy way?