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The 35 Best Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits

Looking for fundraising advice this year end? Look no further!

After years of helping a variety of clients send successful direct mail campaigns, we wanted to share the best advice to help you succeed with your own campaign. Selected by our subscribers, below are the top 35 fundraising tips of 2020.

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Don’t Finish the Story: When writing a letter asking for your donor’s help be sure to leave it open ended. Your donor is the solution to a problem. If you tell them the story of a hungry child, don’t end the letter by explaining how much better they are doing in school now that they have a full stomach. Leave the success story for a thank you card after they’ve donated.

How much makes a difference? It’s hard to do something when you don’t have clear directions, right? It’s the same idea when you don’t make it clear to your donors how much money they can give that will make a meaningful difference. Make a clear example, such as “$30 can feed a child two healthy meals everyday for a week.” Your donors want to make a difference, let them know how.

Spell It Out! Don’t make your donor work to understand why they’re receiving something from you. If you’re asking them for financial support, be up front about it. Your donors are smart, but busy – respect their time by getting to the reason quickly.

Indent Paragraphs: Indenting paragraphs proves to be a great way to make your letters more readable. That little bump in the text acts as a visual “entry point” for your readers, making them more likely to read more of your letter!

Leave it Blank! The first step to getting a donation from a direct mail appeal is getting your donors to open the letter. And how can you ensure they do that? Make the outer envelope interesting and maybe even a little mysterious! One way to do that is to skip the return address on the outer envelope. Your mailing will stand out and will likely be opened first!

You’re Not the Hero: Sorry to say it, but you’re not the hero. Your donors are the heroes! In every communication you send focus on what each individual donor can do to make a difference.

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