Quick & Flexible Direct Mail for the Modern Nonprofit

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Flexible direct mail that’s fast and affordable is within reach! Check out AppealMaker to see how you can get all the speed and flexibility of an email – in direct mail form!

You’re busy all the time, so let’s make direct mail quicker & easier!

With AppealMaker, you get all the speed and flexibility of an email – but in direct mail form. Just log in, select your package and customize it, then select a mailing date. Within 3 days your letter can be on the way to mailboxes, without you needing to take any extra trips to the post office or the print shop!

You’re crafting donor emails, social media posts, and trying to figure out if a hybrid event is something your organization should do. Your time is valuable!

Your donor’s time is valuable too! And, just like you, they’re busy. So how can you be sure they see your message and remember to make their gift?

If a donor sees your email come through, but just clicks on it to make the notification go away, will they come back to click the donate button?

One way to make sure they click that donate button in your email is to send a letter. Yes, a “snail mail” letter they get in their mailbox! According to Nonprofits Source, campaigns that used a digital channel and direct mail saw a 118% higher response rate. Cross channel communication is a great opportunity to expand the story you tell donors and show how important their support is.

And to create your direct mail appeal you don’t have to spend your valuable time rushing to a letter shop or the office supply store or the post office. You can create your direct mail appeals right on your computer! Here’s how easy your direct mail appeals can be:

  1. Pick from one of the proven templates, and write your letter.
  2. Upload your mailing list.
  3. Select the day your letter should send.
  4. Done! AppealMaker takes care of the printing and mailing for you!

If you need an effective way to get more donations this year, adding direct mail to your communication plan is a proven tactic. We can help – all you need is a computer! No cost to get started, no annual fees, and no minimum order necessary!

Direct mail doesn’t have to take ages to design, draft, and deliver! SEE HOW!

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