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Direct Mail Can Be Quick

It’s true – fundraising direct mail for your nonprofit doesn’t have to involve numerous papercuts and wasted time.

Does creating a direct mail campaign always seem to take longer than you planned? We get it! It can be hard to think about all the details that go into a direct mail piece. Plus, all the steps that come after you’ve written your letter are just as hard. Fixing the printer, or scheduling multiple calls with the designer, getting envelopes and enough stamps, and finally putting it all together. Before you know it, your letter is getting put in the mailbox two weeks later than you planned and you have three new paper-cuts on your fingers.

That’s why we created AppealMaker for you!

Each product in AppealMaker is a complete package, so you have all the components each time you send something in the mail. Plus, the important details are already filled in for you, so you never have to worry about forgetting something. You write your letter and we’ll take care of the rest in record time. In as little as three days we can have your letter printed and on the way to your donors!

With AppealMaker, creating your direct mail campaign can be quicker than ever before! Check out the app to see for yourself!

Save yourself time and money sending direct mail this year with AppealMaker! Click here to see how easy it can by getting your FREE account today!

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