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All You Need to Know About Nonprofit Mailing

There is a lot of confusion and worry when it comes to getting nonprofit authorization with the post office. But it doesn’t have to be troublesome. Here are the basics that you will need to know.

Does my organization qualify to mail at nonprofit rates? Pursuant to USPS regulations, there are eight types of organizations that are eligible for discounted nonprofit mailing rates. The eight types are organizations classified as: (1) religious; (2) educational; (3) scientific; (4) charitable; (5) agricultural; (6) labor; (7) veterans; or (8) fraternal. Additionally, certain voter registration officials and political committees may also qualify for the discount.

Your organization must provide documentation of 501(3)(c) status, but this documentation alone will not guarantee you meet all USPS criteria.

Why should I register? On bulk mailings, you can save about $0.35 each piece when compared to first class mail. The savings can really add up! Also, there is no cost to register with the USPS as a nonprofit mailer.

How can I register?  All you have to do is fill out a simple application and apply at your local USPS.

How many pieces do I need to mail to qualify for bulk mail? 200 

How long does it take for nonprofit mail to be delivered? Nonprofit Bulk Mail delivers in 7-10 business days. So plan ahead!

Can I use my permit number instead of a nonprofit authorization number? No. A permit number and a nonprofit authorization number are completely different from the USPS perspective. 

A permit number is specific to the post office where it was created and is only relevant to that post office. It’s your mailing “account” with that post office.

A nonprofit authorization number is a unique number assigned to your nonprofit and recognized with the USPS, nationwide. It can be used with any permit, even one that belongs to your mail house. It lets the post office where your mail is being entered know that your organization is allowed to mail at the lower non-profit rates.

Why do I have to put the name that appears on the nonprofit authorization form on my mail? The USPS will review and verify your mail using the name and address that appear on the printed pieces.

Why is the name of my organization wrong with the USPS? The name that is on file with the USPS is the name that your organization originally used when completing the nonprofit authorization form. The name must match how your organization is recognized on government forms, such as on a 501(c)(3) or on a 990 tax form.

How can I change the name of my nonprofit with the post office? If your organization name has changed or appears incorrect you need to complete this form and supply additional documentation to request an official change. Please take note that a name change should go through the post office where the original nonprofit authorization form was submitted, and will likely take several weeks for approval. 

Any other questions about how nonprofit mail works? Get in touch with us!

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