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Should You Be Fundraising Right Now?

It’s hard to know what the state of the world will be in a few months – or even what will be happening in a few days or weeks! But one thing we do know is that there will still be people in need.

That means you should still be fundraising. If there’s still a need you’ll still be helping, any way you can, right?

The only surefire way the current pandemic and economic downturn will ruin your organization is if you stop completely. Looking back on other historical economic crises, charitable giving did not drop as much as predicted. We are in a similar situation right now.

Because the world is filled with generous and good people, “The Bump” has lasted a lot longer than predicted and is still happening right now. This means it’s easier to raise more money right now.

Just like you, your supporters want to help those in need. Give them the opportunity to make a difference.

Write to your donors and let them know how the global emergency is causing extra hardship for your most vulnerable community members, and how their gift is more important than ever right now.

Send professional direct mail to your donors from your home office. Everyone is drowning in emails and digital messages, stand out with direct mail. You write it and let us take care of the rest. We print, sort, fold, stamp, and deliver your direct mail to the post office.

No minimum orders necessary, & no hidden fees to get started today.

See how easy direct mail can be.

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