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How to be Successful at Nonprofit Fundraising During a Pandemic

During this difficult time some nonprofits are thriving, while other nonprofit groups are struggling. The reason for some organization’s successes? Continually asking and thanking donors for support.

Nonprofit fundraising in the midst of a global pandemic, social unrest, natural disasters, and an economic downturn may feel like a recipe for failure. However, research and surveys have shown that, so far, nonprofit fundraising in 2020 is proving to be highly successful for many organizations, for many reasons. Let’s explore how you can be one of those successful fundraisers this year.

In a survey published by LendingTree, respondents shared their plans for charitable giving in 2020. 66% of respondents said they don’t plan to change the amount they give to charity, but 25% of respondents said they plan to increase their charitable giving in 2020. This should be encouraging news – the fact that people are continuing to give and even increasing their donations during this time is proof that donors are incredible!

While many nonprofit organizations are fearful that donations will suffer a severe drop throughout 2020, by looking back at other major events in history we can see that in those times giving did drop – but not as much as fundraisers expected. The same has held true for 2020 thus far. Donors want to help, so make sure you’re giving them the chance to be the heroes they are.

The best way to give donors a chance to help is to communicate with them often. In the beginning months of the pandemic, many nonprofits went quiet and didn’t send anything to their supporters asking for help. However, the first two to four weeks after a crisis is often when donors give more if asked! If you went quiet or have seen a decrease in gifts, get back out there! Gifts will continue to decrease if you don’t ask now for your donors’ support.

Your community still needs help. How are you going to help them if you don’t have the funds? The short answer? Ask for help. Don’t reduce the amount of communications sent to your donors. Instead, send urgent campaigns about how their gift will help meet the need your beneficiaries are facing right now.

Looking ahead just a few weeks, we are coming up on the surge of fall and year end appeals. Don’t get left behind by not asking this year. 9% of folks surveyed by LendingTree have already sought out new organizations to make a donation to this year – that means they could be discontinuing their gifts to other organizations. Keep your donor’s attention, and you will keep their support. Send out more fundraising communications, and make it obvious to your donors that the need is urgent.

As the “new normal” is established, some organizations will see their new normal level of giving is higher than it was before the crisis. The only surefire way for you to reach that new level is to consistently ask, and ask well. Mix in regular reporting and heartfelt stewardship, and you now have a recipe for success.

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