Bad Time For Acquiring New Donors? Not At All!

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Kindness Extends Beyond Humans

Most People – And Animals – Want to Help Each Other!

In a study done with parrots, scientists found that if two birds were given different amounts of tokens to exchange for food, the parrot with more tokens would share so the other bird could get food.

Reading how kindness goes beyond human nature can be a good reminder of the generosity humans are capable of, especially as we near the end of what was a tough year for many people. It can be easy to forget that most people want to do good, and want to help others.

According to a survey by Fidelity Charitable, 16% of respondents plan to shift their support to new, local nonprofits in 2020. And 32% of respondents stated they felt they didn’t have the information they needed to understand where they can direct their financial support. This is where you come in.

By sharing the urgent need for assistance, you can help donors feel more informed as they make decisions about where to direct their support.

In data shared by Blackbaud Target Analytics, sectors that had acquired a lot of new, reactionary donors in late 2016 did not see large levels of attrition. The spike in new donors resulted in a spike of retention rates that still remain high.

Acquiring new donors can be a daunting task. But by making it clear how important a donation today is, you can show prospects how their commitment helps solves ongoing challenges. Invite new readers to tap into their generosity, and remind them that making a donation is an important step they can take to creating change.

Reach new prospects efficiently with direct mail! Many people are looking to support local organizations, and what better way to reach your neighbors than through their mailbox? With AppealMaker’s Donor Acquisition Letter you can reach new donors economically. And with room built into the template for the donor to complete their contact information, you can incorporate multi-channel communications to steward and retain new donors.

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