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How to Promote Virtual Nonprofit Fundraising Events

Hosting an online fundraising event? Read on for a few quick tips for marketing your online event.

Send a postcard

Postcards are an economic choice for promoting events because there’s no way people can not see it. Make the important details obvious, and allow people to seek out more information on their own. Better to catch their attention and draw them in than to overwhelm and turn away attendees with too much information up front.

Use a QR code for easy registration and exclusive perks

These little squares are making a big comeback – and for good reason. No special app is needed to scan them, and people can be easily brought to any website on their phone. Prominently use QR codes in addition to publishing the usual information about how people can register for your virtual event.

Encourage sharing

Personal recommendations are powerful, so motivate your audience to promote events for you! There is little cost, or even none, by encouraging folks to share via social media, email, or text message.

Virtual events can be a great way to draw more donors into your cause, and allow for more eyes on your cause. With endless options for promotion, getting more attendees and donors at a virtual event can be easier than ever!

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