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Healthcare Fundraising Response – The Best it’s Been in 20 Years!

People are incredibly generous right now, giving everything needed to help their communities – from masks, to meals, to money. The response from supporters is truly inspiring.

And right now we are seeing some of the highest response rates we’ve ever had during our 20+ years working with healthcare fundraising.

Yes, you read that right. Appeal and acquisition mailings have seen record response rates over the last few weeks – and donors are still giving!

Appeal mailings are a chance for your donors, grateful patients, and community members to help during a time when they may be unsure of how to help. Hospitals and clinics are at the center of the solution right now, and people want to be a part of the solution.

Sending direct mail to your donors from your home office is now easier than ever. Everyone is drowning in emails and digital messages, stand out with direct mail. You write it and let us take care of the rest. We print, sort, fold, stamp, and deliver your direct mail to the post office.

No minimum orders necessary, & no hidden fees to get started today.

See how easy direct mail can be.

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