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Fundraising Communication during COVID-19

The news these past weeks have been dominated by the spread of coronavirus & the turbulent markets. You may be anxious. How will this affect not only your personal communities, but your organization’s community. How will it affect your organization’s ability to continue focusing on the important work you do?

From past experiences and everything we have been researching and reading it is advised to continue with your fundraising efforts. We know this may not seem natural in light of the bigger issues swirling around us. However, donors want to help others in need and this may be the best and easiest way for them to do so.

We want to be honest in our communications and not ignore COVID-19, or appear inconsiderate of the challenges many of our donors could be facing. It is advisable to review messages to ensure they are appropriate for the landscape.

As you meet with your leadership teams and decide your best approach, at a minimum, let your donors know that you appreciate them and that you are still providing services to those you serve, even during this crisis. Make a phone call or send a card letting them know how their past donations have helped and above all, let them know that you care about their health and well-being. Most importantly, don’t stop the lines of communication you have worked so hard to develop.

As a word of encouragement, looking back at other major events in history, 9-11, the market correction of 2008, those were times when giving dropped, but it did not drop as much as fundraisers expected.

Remember, donors want to help. Now, more than ever, they may feel a donation is the only way they can make a difference during this global pandemic. In the eyes of a donor, your mission may be the most important it has ever been!

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