Package Features

With AppealMaker you have access to user-friendly, nonprofit direct mail templates that allow you to customize your direct mail packages.

Gain access to industry-leading best practices within every AppealMaker product!

✓ Variable Print

It doesn’t stop with address and gift strings, it’s only getting started. Insert custom fields, such as last area of support, unique call outs, or P.S. messages. If you can put it in your data list, you can use it.

✓ 3 day turn time

We get it - you intended to start three weeks ago and suddenly you need your appeal sent yesterday. With quick turn times you can still deliver, on time.

✓ Proven package design

With over a decade of experience in the nonprofit fundraising world, AppealMaker knows what works. All packages available are tried and true.

✓ Customized Gift Strings

Upgrade your donor's giving level by using AppealMaker's gift string algorithm.

✓ Real Stamps & Cancellation Mark

Don’t turn donors away before they even open your piece. A live stamp and cancellation helps your piece look like a personal communication.

✓ Best Practice Techniques

We help you put your best foot forward with guidance and resources on planning, frequency, copywriting, analyzing, and more. We’ve been there, done that.

✓ National Change of Address (NCOA)

Be sure to reach your donors at their most current address. And to take it even further, we provide the updated records for you to use in future communications.

✓ Complete Mail house & USPS on Site

Your entire package is created completely within our facility, with USPS onsite. The only time it leaves our floor is for mailbox delivery.

✓ Easy Remit & Gift Entry

Remits feature Donor ID’s and appeal codes for easy look up and result tracking. Gather more details from donors by updating and collecting phone numbers and emails.

✓ Proofing Checklists

We’ve all been there, trying to remember each detail that needs to be verified. AppealMaker has a checklist to help you feel confident you aren’t overlooking important details of your mailing.

✓ Max Gift Strings

Don’t ask your donor for too much. You can cap ask amounts, allowing donors of various gift histories to still get the mailing.

✓ Your Branding

Get the ease of proven templates, all loaded with your branding and standards. There are no two organizations alike.

✓ Unlimited Use

You have access to all products, all the time so you can create when inspiration hits!

Start sending your nonprofit appeals today