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AppealMaker How-To: Custom Donor Gift Asks

Suggestion is a powerful tool, and when used thoughtfully, it can be a tactic used for the greater good.

Custom gift ask amounts for each donor is an especially powerful example of how suggestion can be used for the greater good. Suggesting slightly larger gift asks each time can move your donors up the giving ladder, making their impact even bigger. And that’s why in AppealMaker you have a couple options of how to include custom ask amounts for your donors.

AppealMaker is here to make sending personalized direct mail easier because it’s a powerful tool to ensure you are able to continue helping those who are in need. Adding in customized details for each recipient is part of what makes direct mail powerful, and that’s why we encourage everyone to use customized gift strings in their appeal letters. Let’s go through how you can do just that using the tools in AppealMaker…

The first option available to include custom gift string amounts for each donor is to insert the variable data values of [GA1], [GA2], [GA3], and [GA4].  When [GA] variables are used, the calculation for what each donor sees is based off the [Last Gift Amount] data. which is unique to each donor.

  • If the [Last Gift Amount] data is blank, the donor will see the default gift string/gift build. In AppealMaker, the default gift string or gift build is: $25, $50, $75, and $100, though you can customize these amounts in your account.
  • If the [Last Gift Amount] column has a dollar value listed, the donor will then see a new suggested gift amount on their letter. You can see how those dollar amounts are calculated here.

The second option available in AppealMaker to include unique ask strings is to insert the variable data values named [Custom]. This is a useful option if you want complete control over how gift amounts are calculated for each donor.

  • If you opt to use [Custom] variables in place of the default [GA] variables, you will need to ensure each recipient has data associated to those variables, otherwise nothing will print.

However you decide to include asks in communications to your donors, you can be sure that in AppealMaker you have options to make those asks truly unique for each donor.

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