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How To Write the Best Newsletter for Nonprofits

It sure has been a strange year, right? Everything changed in a matter of weeks, and how fundraising was done in the past wasn’t an option. Many resources were (and continue to be) limited, including time & funding. One thing that hasn’t changed is how donors should be communicated with.

It’s crucial to tell your donors how their gifts have made a difference.

Often, we at AppealMaker (along with many other fundraising experts) would recommend a newsletter to do this – multiple pages, different stories of success, and one story of need. But in times like these, that may not be practical.

An excellent alternative to a complete newsletter is to send a report letter, or what you can think of as a mini newsletter. One page, front & back, telling your donors the difference their gifts have made, with a remittance device included.

Overall, the function of a report or a newsletter is to… what? Mostly, newsletters are to let people know the difference they’ve made in the lives of those who need help most. And then, the next time they are asked to give, those donors are much more likely to say yes and write you a check.

This year, things are different though. Many organizations are lacking the funds to send a multiple page newsletter. Many organizations are lacking the time it takes to design and print a multiple page newsletter. If you’re one of those organizations we want to encourage you to “think outside the box” of how you believe a newsletter has to look.

Some of the very basic pieces of a newsletter can easily be condensed into a one page “report letter”:

  • Tell your donors that this is a unusual time, and you simply can’t afford to send a newsletter. Also tell them that they need to know how they’ve made a difference.
  • Illustrate to your donors one story of how their gifts have made a significant difference.
  • Lightly invite your donors to make their next gift, and let them know their support will continue to help those who need it.

While a report letter may raise less than a traditional newsletter would, it will definitely raise more than if nothing was sent at all. As many have said before, “The surest way to not make money is to not ask.”

Still wondering how you can get a report letter out the door to your donors? With AppealMaker, you have access to templates that are easy to quickly customize, making the design process so much easier. And with turn times of 3 days, from order to out-the-door, your appeal can be in your donor’s hands in record time. Plus, you only pay for the exact amount of pieces you send & pricing always includes postage!

Ready to send a report letter (or any other donor communications)? Click here to see how easy it can be with AppealMaker!

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