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Maximizing the donors you have is easy with flexible, fast, and affordable direct mail that’s within reach! Check out AppealMaker to see how you can get all the speed and flexibility of an email – in direct mail form!

You can ask for gifts up to 12 times per year without hurting your ROI!

We all know that the appeal sent at year end is the best performing appeal for almost every nonprofit organization. But that doesn’t mean appeals at other points in the year are a waste of money! In fact, appeals raise money and awareness for your cause every time they’re sent.

Most nonprofits are leaving money on the table by not engaging with their donors year round. Don’t let that be you! The key to donor retention and higher donor value is keeping them engaged and reminding them how important their support is to making a difference.

There is a point at which you can ask too much, but trust us – you aren’t there yet! Most fundraising experts suggest, based on analysis of donor data, that asking anywhere between six and 12 times per year is the sweet spot to maximizing the donors you have already. Remember, people want to be generous and kind.

To create your direct mail appeal you don’t have to spend your valuable time rushing to a letter shop or the office supply store or the post office. You can create your direct mail appeals right on your computer! Here’s how easy your direct mail appeals can be:

  1. Pick from one of the proven templates, and write your letter.
  2. Upload your mailing list.
  3. Select the day your letter should send.
  4. Done! AppealMaker takes care of the printing and mailing for you!

Ready to send out quick & easy appeals at any time of the year to maximize the donors you have? You can do just that with AppealMaker! No cost to get started, no annual fees, and no minimum order necessary!

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