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7 Good Reasons For Nonprofits to Fundraise at the Beginning of the Year

Start off the year strong by getting in front of your donors!

Nonprofits often take the beginning of the year to plan and focus on other priorities. While it’s important to steward those who have given already, don’t miss out on a great opportunity to communicate with your donors while they aren’t overwhelmed or distracted with a slew of other appeal messages. Here are 6 reasons you should keep fundraising in full force at the beginning of the year.

1. You Will Stand Out From The Crowd

We all are familiar with the overflowing email inboxes, the constant new messages on social media, and the stuffed mailboxes at the end of the year – and it’s important to ask when donors are expecting to give generously. But what about at the beginning of the year, when it’s quiet and your message may have gotten lost at the bottom of the pile? Hardly anyone else is asking then! You may catch the eye of a new major donor, reinspire folks to give again, or remind someone who may have otherwise lapsed. Take advantage of the usually quiet time to stand out!

2. Donors Will Give Again

Donors are more likely to give another gift within 3 months of their last gift. But, you have to ask them for it! The key to a successful fundraising program is retention – keeping your donors is easier, and more cost-effective than trying to gain new donors. And a key part of retaining your donors? Continuing to ask for their support! Don’t wait for your supporters to forget about the difference they can make.

3. Some Donors Need a Reminder

You know how busy the end of the year gets. Think about all the things you are just now remembering to do because they got put at the bottom of the to-do list in December. For some people, making a donation got pushed off to the bottom of the list – they may have been too busy with work and holidays to write you a check, they might have misplaced your appeal, or they may have had other bills to take care of first. The beginning of the year is a great time to put your organization and cause back at the top of your donor’s priorities.

4. You (Hopefully!) Have More Time

Hopefully you have had the opportunity to take some time to rest and come back refreshed after a busy year end. Use that renewed energy to get in touch with people while you don’t have programs or public events happening.

5. Major Donors are Back in the Office

While foundations, corporations, and other institutions may have been unavailable at the end of the year, they are back in the office now and planning expenses for the rest of the year. Make sure your nonprofit is included in that plan by reaching out before the next board meeting!

6. Not Everyone Gives At Year End

At the beginning of the year, many people are taking time to reflect on their finances as they prepare their taxes. Remind donors of the difference they can make with their thoughtful financial choices in the new year – a difference they can make by supporting your cause.

7. Your New Year Goals = An Urgent Need For Support

Like much of the world, your organization probably has some new goals they would like to reach in the New Year. This is a great opportunity to share those goals with donors, and secure their support to help reach those goals. If you’re reaching out to supporters who gave at the end of the year, be sure to thank them and share the ways their support helped last year first. A new year is the time for renewed support!

Don’t step on the fundraising brakes just yet – use the beginning of the year to connect with donors and renew their support. Don’t miss out on a great fundraising opportunity as we begin the year!

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