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6 Quick Tips for Year-End Fundraising Success

Putting together a direct mail campaign doesn’t have to be complicated. These 6 quick tips for year-end fundraising success will make your direct mail appeals a breeze to put together! After years of helping a variety of clients send successful direct mail campaigns, we have had the opportunity to test what raises the most money – check out the list below for the 6 quick tips to succeed on your year-end direct mail campaign this year!

  1. Include a direct ask for a donation on the first page, and in the PS message. Make it clear why you are sending this letter to your donors. If they don’t know what they are supposed to do, the letter will end up in the recycling bin and you will have wasted your time AND money!
  2. Always use a PS message! The parts of a letter that get read the most are a person’s name in the salutation message, any bolded text, and a PS message. Make sure you include a PS message that gets your donors to act with urgency and generosity.
  3. Talk about how the donor makes a difference to people’s lives, not how your organization helps people. Your donors want to know the impact they are having on causes they care about. Let your letters tell the story of how their generosity has helped and will continue helping make a difference. Leave the jargon-filled statistics your board members care about for their reports, and write like you’re talking to your neighbor, not a panel of experts.
  4. Build gift strings on previous giving history. Suggesting slightly larger gift asks each time can move your donors up the giving ladder, making their impact even bigger. With AppealMaker, you can easily create custom gift asks using our built-in algorithm – no more calculations and formulas!
  5. Send multiple reminders for year-end giving. Staying top of mind at year-end is crucial to gaining loyal supporters. Including a mailing, reminder mailing, and an urgent email to non-responders increases the likelihood of last minute year-end gifts.
  6. Only put one message in your letters. When sending a letter to ask for support, delete any information about volunteering opportunities, mentions of upcoming events, or suggestions to “like” your page on social media. Keep the call to action clear to get results!

With these quick tips in your back pocket, your fundraising efforts with direct mail this year-end are sure to be successful! Put them to work with AppealMaker’s proven direct mail templates – get your FREE account today!

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