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5 Essential Fundraising Tips during COVID-19

There’s no question that we will all be affected by COVID-19 in some way in the coming weeks and months. As the pandemic continues, we are all wondering what the impact will be on fundraising. There’s no doubt that a crisis of this magnitude has caused you and your team to rethink your strategies, and we’d like to offer some tips to help you navigate through these times.

1.) Continue Your Fundraising Efforts

The only surefire way that the current global pandemic will ruin your fundraising is if you stop completely. You will probably see a decrease in donations. But reflecting on other major events in history, it’s important to note that charitable giving did not drop as much as fundraisers predicted. Don’t stop fundraising!

2.) Let Your Donors Help

Just like you, your donors are probably feeling overwhelmed with the constant stream of information. But, just like you, they want to help. Let them help – give them the opportunity to make a difference in an accessible way.

3.) Remind Your Donors They’re Appreciated

In this time of uncertainty and loneliness, it’s important to keep the connection alive with your supporters. Reach out, let your donors know you are thinking of them. Let them know you appreciate their generosity, but let them know you’re there to support those who need it most – and that this includes them. Be a friend, a warm hug from afar.

4.) Let Everyone Know You’re Still Providing Services

With nearly constant updates of operations closing or limiting services, many people are concerned about their most vulnerable neighbors. Reassure your donors, followers, and community that you are still providing care and support to those who need it, but you need their support to continue.

5.) Tell Short Stories to Show the Need

You probably had a message planned to share with your supporters, illustrating the need for their support. How do you share that story now without being insensitive? You can still share, while adding that the global emergency is causing extra hardship for many of your most vulnerable community members. Need help crafting that message? Let AppealMaker help.

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